Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 14th & 15th

Note... This is JANUARY 14th. January, and that first jet ski guy is wearing a life vest and board shorts. Mother Nature is a bit confused this year, me thinks.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan 13th

Pretty Kitty.

January 12th

To help me along this 365 photo project until I get my footing, or when I'm in need of inspiration, I'm using several references, many of them provide monthly idea lists or assignments. Today's assignment was from Capture Your 365, and was named x12. I interpreted this as 12 pictures throughout the day, or one from each hour from between 7am and 7pm, and I've made a mosaic of these photos.

What's represented here looks very much like a day in my weekday life. My full time job is in a construction office, and occasionally there are days like today, that I get to go "to the field".


1. 7am - What light through yonder window breaks?
2. 8am - I'm here, I'm awake.
3. 9am - My fingerprints have been worn into the keys over the years.
4. 10am - It takes a lot of paper to build a home.
5. 11am - Tools of the trade.
6. 12pm - Home Sweet Home ~ could be yours...
7. 1pm - Sold.
8. 2pm - Under construction.
9. 3pm - Fees, fees, fees.
10. 4pm - The lights are coming on.
11. 5pm - The commute
12. 6pm - Ah, good to be home... Sometimes fun things come in the mail, this calendar, ironically will be hung on the wall... at work.

I enjoyed today's inspiration, it was a challenge to make sure I got at least one photo from every hour. Made me realize just how fast the hours slip by.


Jan 8th - Jan 11th

Mom's needle felted polar bear.

Work Toys.
I am not fond of this picture, but I only snapped a few that day, and this was the best one. I guess I won't be happy every day during this project... right?




Week 1

January 1st - 7th, 2012...
And so we begin.
New Years breakfast... Malt-o-Meal... one of my favorites.


A spin in the teacup, a gift from my husband for Christmas.



Winter Sky at dusk.


And that's week one!

So what is this blog anyway?

Hi All~
Thanks for finding me! So what is "Girl. Camera. Cuppa." anyway? Well, in short it's my new blog!

 A space for me to document my 365project, wherein I am attempting to take pictures every single day for a year, beginning January 1, 2012. Basically this is going to be a photoblog. I don't anticipate this being an especially wordy blog (very unlike my other blog A Cuppa Tea With Me where I chat until the cows come home), but rather a spot for me to place these photos, experiment, learn more about photography, develop some (much needed) camera skills and see where this project takes me.

But hey, please don't let that stop you from coming on the ride with me and leaving comments on anything you find interesting. I'd love to have some friends with me along the way, and I'll always be more than happy to chat! That, as always, is where the "cuppa" part of the blog comes in. Sitting here before my computer, I've almost always got my cuppa (tea, usually) sitting along side me & my camera. A cuppa encourages conversation and friendship. Seemed like a natural fit somehow.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're here, please do come back and visit soon!